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In 2018, a leap into the unknown left Luxembourg-based artist Patrick Miranda wanting something more. Together with Xavier Hofmann and Sacha Ewen, Pleasing was founded. Within the mists of depression, Patrick channeled a cutting gust of air, clearing the way for his expression of self. However, his newfound perspective did not only mean more possibilities for his profession in the music industry. Confused about not feeling fulfilled despite living life according to his wishes, he faced the largest question of life: Death. For a while, he found himself dancing with the Reaper while balancing on a rope over the valley of where it all ends. Nonetheless, something stirred his will to create art in a situation as absurd as his.

A deep-seated desire for non-existence suddenly started to fuse with shrieking guitars, disembodied screams, and blasting drums. Here, the magic of Pleasing's approach comes into being; the expression of meaninglessness has meaning to it. There is importance in nothingness because it drives the artist to create truly authentic work. This is Pleasing's journey to feel a soothing breeze by heading through turbulent times. With already deeply emotional, raw, and poetic performances, Pleasing now has a strong follow-up to their 2021 album "in the mood for super dark times" with their newest rendition of beautiful postrock and visceral post-hardcore; the 2023 EP "for us to escape."

[Pablo Chimienti] (
"Tracks bringing together fragments of math rock, post-rock, metal, atmospheric music, minimalist rock, experimental music, as well as jazz influences and a voice that constantly transitions from metal-style screaming to a spoken-sung delivery reminiscent of slam poetry... all enveloped in an atmosphere as dark as an autumn day in pouring rain."
[Music Crowns]
"Feed me to those I envy the most” is the perfect introduction to Pleasings unorthodox craft, and explosive from the first second. You can hear every peace of anguish and pain seeping through his relentless and empowering vocals, in a song that simply doesn’t let you breath, but in the best way possible."
"The uncontrollable screams coupled with the floaty and melodically beautiful atmospheres make for a truly encapsulating listen that switches mood quickly and cleverly."
“The Luxembourgish band Pleasing have an unparalleled ability to make emotions tangible in their music. In the case of "sundays are supposed to feel lonely," they alternate between numbness and eruption, between quiet, melancholic fingerpicking passages and powerful, towering post-punk riffs. The fact that no catharsis arises, no way out is offered, is quite intentional. This is what makes "sundays are supposed to feel lonely" almost addictive – much like the sweet melancholy that the song is about.”

In 2021, Pleasing released his long-awaited debut album "in the mood for super dark times" accompanied by three visually strong music videos, including the premiere of his last single "Sundays are supposed to feel lonely" on Kulturnews, as well as extended media coverage in Luxembourg. Pleasing's strength resides in presenting his subjective reality of coping with depression and tackling the social stigma surrounding mental health through projects such as "the moody room show" (presented by KUK KulturKanal fir Lëtzebuerg) as well as "y in you" (in collaboration with the Ligue Luxembourgeoise d'Hygiène Mentale Asbl). Pleasing's 2021 first full-length "in the mood for super dark times" sets the tone of the band. Raw, honest, heartbreaking melodies come together to blast your heart right out of your chest. This is where the 2023 EP "for us to escape" picks it back up with a noticeable change for the better.

Writer Patrick has honed his skills lyrically by delving into existentialist literature and thought, particularly Kierkegaard. The 2022 single "the structure's above" shows this quite clearly; tension and release have been constructed more eloquently in comparison to the raw song structures found in Pleasing's previous work. It feels like we're taking deep breaths with the band as they wait for the right moment to shout their hearts out. Paradoxes such as the fear is a binding freedom and the begrudging skill of being able to express oneself are all core themes of the EP. Pleasing is aware that the expression of meaninglessness has importance to it. We can find peace in knowing we will never fully grasp it all. And still, art and love are always with us; meaning is only secondary to these attributes. The EP "for us to escape" is a story about escaping the tensions of meaning and meaninglessness.

Pleasing - Motocultor Crowd
Pleasing - Band Picture

August 20 2023
Motocultor Festival
Carhaix, FR

October 9 2021
Out of the Crowd XVII
Kulturfabrik, LUX

July 13 2023
Francofolies de la Rochelle
La Sirène, FR

October 16 2021
Debut Album Release Party
Rotondes, LUX

October 31 2022
Maz, Pleasing & Lindred
Privatklub Berlin, GER

February 27 2022
Slow Crush Support
Rotondes, LUX

July 16 2022
Rundgangs Festival
Mainz, GER

February 11 2020
Aiming for Enrike + Pleasing
Rotondes, LUX




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